Production Technology

Fully Automated, Production Line

The plastic manufacturing industry is continuously changing to meet the demands of constantly evolving market. Using state-of-the-art machinery, equipment, and technology, Pioneers Plastics co., produce the highest quality products. Fully automated machines linked together to create a line, manufacture quality products at high output rate, with low waste of material and flexibility to use a wide range of plastics.

From the first stages of manufacturing , feeding to excess removing plastic, transfer to leak testing machine and finally to packing, the products are handled automatically. This way we are able to manufacture top quality products at elevate level of precision, short producing cycle time ,less waste, labor saving and less energy consumption with the final result a quality and cost efficient product. This technological flexibility allows us to present our clients the best suggestion customized to their individual plastic packaging needs.


Along with quality and functionality


Labeling Technology

The overall appearance of a product decide the attention it gets on the store shelf. Beside shape, the artwork also plays a significant role in the purchase decision. Creativity, along with quality and functionality, are the prerequisites for successful decorative plastic packaging design solutions.
In our broad range of decorative artwork Pioneers Plastics co., combines all these components and is renowned for the premium decorative plastic packaging design solutions.

In decorative process pioneers Plastics meet and surpass costumers needs and requirements by using top-notch technology IML In-Mold Labeling where the label is placed in the mold in which the product is shaped, inseparably linking it to the finished part. Shaping and decorating are done in a single step in this decoration method. The quality of the label surfaces can be matte, rough, shiny or soft to the touch. This procedure allows the entire outer contour of the product to be decorated in photo quality.

Customers come first, Pioneers Plastics handles every aspect of your packaging from design to delivery