Who We Are?

Pioneers Plastics Company was established in 1994 and it is now one of the leading companies in local and regional market with three manufacturing premises, more than 30 blow molding and injection machines and two large storage facilities.

The group itself commence its activities in plastic industries in 1955 so our quest to quality and excellence is more than 60 years old. From its start the business continuously flourished and has grown into a full-scale, environmentally responsible manufacturing operation with molding, lining and decorating capabilities.


Our vision is to become a leader on local and international market, a modern company with intensive search for new procedures and ways to automate production processes.


Our mission is to keep searching for new ways to increase efficiency and to create new trends rather than following blindly the competition. In today fast moving world, stopping for a while is actually a step back. Quality is the most important and always there is something we can improve. The products not only must comply with their specified parameters but have to offer something extra. This added value is what distinguishes us from the competition.

Experience Matters

We Employ Our Past to Serve Your Future Demands.



Pioneers with its strong reputation as an innovator within the plastic industry, provides injection and blow molding consultancy service.

Cost Innovation

Our products must have a stylish look,be innovative and cost-effective. We are constantly investing and searching ways to reduce costs and obtaining best price products while keeping and improving products quality. Meanwhile, we are continuously monitoring all stages of production and product development processes.

Innovative Thinking

We team with our clients to provide genuine long term innovative solutions not just a quick fix.

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At Pioneers we are fully aware of the impact our actions may have on the environment so we promote sustainable business practices in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

We developed our manufacturing process to diminish the negative environmental impression through:

  • Energy conservation using renewable energy as part of our manufacturing process.
  • Improve our operational process to increase efficiency meanwhile reducing costs and materials waste

Sustainable manufacturing is more than better environment efficiency, the social and economic factors are also important. Our sustainable business practices enhanced employee working conditions, the safety of our products meanwhile increasing customers satisfaction. Pioneers management team developed long term sustainable practices strategy by continually improving our production process, reduce waste from plastic injection molding process, diminish energy, water and resource consumption.