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Shrink Film

Industrial: Shrink Wrap Film:

This product is used to reduce cost and enhance performance for a range of collation shrink applications including can and bottle, cardboard tray and tray less packages. Delivered attributes: Derived benefits & potential value: Film down gauging 20-30% Raw material savings and-or lower unit cost lower film inventory lower logistics costs (transportation) more sustainable flexible film solutions Improved toughness/stiffness more efficient packaging operation less risk of damage in transit securely hold loads Outstanding film optical properties improved package appearance excellent see-through clarity improved bar code reading During the shrinking process, inherent stresses in standard film lead to thinning and possible holing. Collation shrink film has very low hot shrink forces giving excellent holing resistance. As shrink film cools it contracts to hold the pack tightly. Collation shrink film has high resistance to puncture, enough to withstand the sharpest corner or longest bottleneck. It also has a high puncture resistance when handled. With superior tear resistance, collation shrink film gives excellent pack handling qualities, even at reduced thickness. The superior mechanical properties of collation shrink film allow for thickness reductions of 20-30% on average without loss of pack integrity and abuse resistance. This additional film strength assists in the removal of board support allowing for tray less formats. For every 10µm in thickness down gauging you save 9.2g/m². This means when down gauging from 70µm thickness to 50µm you save 18.4g/m².


Shrink Wrap Film